Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where are the Leaders

The other day I found myself really thinking about where “we the people” are, and why. Somewhere someone found short term thinking more beneficial then thinking and acting for the future. Take for example when the federal reserve was born. The federal reserve was created so that there could be a fiat currency that could be controlled by the government to bring prosperity to the nations economy. someone in the future will face the consequences of that decision. Let’s look at where we are today. We have a lot of short term thinking going on right now. Aren't so many people sacrificing the future for what is comfortable now. That’s why we are where we are, people have sacrificed future freedom for security at the moment. Sometimes the future means our children, and we are now the children living in someones future facing the consequences of their choices. But we cannot shift blame to them if we are doing the same thing in our life. Leaders have long term thinking, where are the leaders with courage.
Here’s something you hear a lot. Why don’t they do something about it…. First of all who are they? We all want someone else to do the heavy lifting so we can drink our coffee, which is human nature. Right now is not the time to follow human nature. Remember following the right principles in live will always require going against what human nature wants. Take a look at Ben Franklin one of the greatest men in history, he was following human nature as a young man, but he decided to change, now we can thank him for what he did for our country. What will people thank you for? Let’s forget about they and start working on we. I highly recommend listening to the 13 resolutions cd by Orrin Woodward.
Leaders can never be self centered people. How many people can you think of right now that are not self centered. If you can’t think of any then it’s time you start associating with a different group of people. While most people don’t hold themselves to a moral standard anymore, and even the once that do have become extremely self centered, there are still a rare few that choose to develop their own character and become better leaders. This is not a time for ego’s and trying to impress people. As the cause gets bigger so do the leaders, and every time I get around the team I see a growing number of  leaders. And I believe that as long as there are leaders there is hope. Please feel free to read sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. It is a great article on becoming a rascal leader.
Leaders don’t feel comfortable without constant, positive, upward  movement in their life and surroundings. They have this feeling that there is something better out there then what the crowd is selling out to. Leaders can just feel it, they choose to go against the critics and the status qou because they believe what they feel is coming from a higher power then what the critics and status quo stand on. It’s not an easy battle but it’s worth taking, because there is something better out there, and the feelings are real. If you need the acceptance of others more then you need to follow your own feelings you are a sheep. It takes some guts to be a leader, and sometimes you may need to be a little crazy, but you can either be corny and rich, or cool and broke.
We still have the foundations in place. Leaders before us made them. The first is the Bible. Jesus being a leader long ago had to go against the critics and status quo to become the greatest example in the Bible. The Bible is the number one foundation for leaders to build on. The second foundation is the founding documents of the United States Constitution. Great leaders in history made a huge sacrifice to bring together all the colonies to form a nation of freedom. The foundation is still here all we need to do as leaders of the 21st century is build on those two foundations. We need to have the same level of thinking that the men had that build those two foundations. We need to become like them by applying ourselves daily to the principles that they stood for.
Where are the Leaders?  Rascals I mean:)