Sunday, December 7, 2014

Family Vacation

A wet and wild time of the year we are in, with so much activity going on everywhere, from Christmas shopping, deer hunting, family, church, and school activities, to heating the house, and paying the bills.

Trying to raise a family of four sometimes feels like forty but it's mostly because we haven't done it before I guess:) that may be why we like to go on vacation occasionally to unwind and connect as a family in a new environment. Vacation is a double edged sword, and can be either exhausting or refreshing and you probably know what I'm talking about. We have taken some of either and so that's why we are excited about vacation but at the same time we understand that some things must be planned and structured or it turns into a nightmare and ends up being a not so good memory.

One of our best vacations we ever took was our trip to Orlando several years ago when Daryl was a baby. We still get goosebumps when we talk about it. Recently we took a simple but refreshing vacation to the Wallhouse Hotel only fifteen minutes from our house. We spend the evening swimming and sitting around drinking Starbucks coffee and eating snacks. We had this little table setup in our room with a bowl in the middle so each of us made little notes of what we wanted to do the next day and put it in the bowl. We called it the THINK TANK, the kids loved it. Between these two great vacations we had dozens that were a flunk but we're learning and growing still.

Vacation is an art and that's why one family can go to Disneyland and want to forget the whole experience, and some other family may camp out in the school playground and the memories stay forever.

Let's trip into lasting memories;)
Andrew Miller