Thursday, January 22, 2015

Read Books to Create Life


    I believe a large part of creating a future involves reading to learn, or stimulate, and not to entertain. Reading should be done with a pen and an open mind. Its not about what you read as much as what your thinking while you read. A book is not writen to conform your thoughts to what the writer was writing about as much as the stimulation of you own thoughts and ideas while you are reading. The ideas that come to mind and the feelings you get while you are reading are more important, and when you do think back to what you've read you can recollect whatever thoughts you had at that moment in time.
   The goal is to somehow store things in your subconscious mind that drive you.
     Its kinda the same way when you think back to an accident, or a very vivid happening in your past, when you think back you usually start putting together what you were doing that day, where you were, and even the people you talked to after that. Here's the crazy part,  something that happened on that day has made its way into your subconscious mind and is altering the way you think and act and you don't even know it.
     So reading about some exciting new concept in a book should stimulate some sort of a chain reaction that creates something that has never been before in your life that spurs you to action. By thinking back to what you've read, it should really bring back the thoughts and ideas that YOU got out of what you were reading. Like right now your thinking about a book you should be reading. So hammer down, go do it.

Fire, Aim, Ready